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Can help get you Up to $240,000 for Homeowners (Disaster Recovery SBA Loan Relief) Hurricane Damage House, Vehicle, Property Auto


Phone: 954-842-4477


Address Is 2750 N 29th Ave. Suite 118 Hollywood, Fl. 33020, USA


SBA provides low-interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters.

Do you fit one of these Categories if so call Us

  1. Businesses owner - Business of all sizes located in declared disaster Areas Non- Profit  Organizations Homeowners

  2. Renters affected by declared disasters

  3. Including Civil Unrest and Natural Disaster such as Hurricanes

  4. Flooding

  5. And Wildfires

Would you or your property use the SBA Disaster Loan? If so call CCESARINC

  1. Losses not covered by insurance or funding from the (F.E.M.A.) Federal Emergency Management Agency for both Personal and Business                                                                              

  2. Business Operating Expenses that could have been met, had the disaster not occurred     

Here are the Types of  Disaster Loans you can use at CCESARINC

1. Physical Damage Loans     

- Loans to cover repairs and replacement of physical assets damaged in a declared disaster.

2.Mitigation Assistance

 - Funding to cover small business operating expenses after a declared disaster.

3. Economic Injury Disaster Loans

 - This Loan provides economic Relief to small businesses and non-profit organizations that have suffered damage to their home or personal property.

4.Military Reservist Loan

- SBA Provides loans to help eligible small businesses with operating expenses.

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